jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Bloodthirst -- Lady of the Shadows

The Fright
Floats like a mist
Thick and alive
Looking for blood
Blood to survive
She waits
She knows He is coming
Coming to feast
But she does not flee
She welcomes the Beast
At last
As in the past
They once again met
She knew it wasn't right
But unlike last time
She put up no fight
Blood drained
Life gained
He filled himself
With her essence
And it inside him
Showed its presence
Then she
Yes She
She drank of him
And completed the task
She became immortal
Life to forever last
The worst
Had brought them both together
And will keep them that way
Whilst they hunt every night
And sleep away their days

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Patty dijo...

I loved it. Is it yours?